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Amid the challenges faced by companies posed by COVID-19, companies have had to propel their businesses digitally to do everyday tasks that were previously basic, such as signing purchase orders or contracts. To keep business secure while still operational, one electricity provider approached CyberTech for a solution to digitise their administrative business processes and allow stakeholders to sign highly sensitive and legal documents securely.


CyberTech engaged with the customer to propose a suitable signing solution that can be used as an automated process for signing documents. This process is capable of not only integrating with enterprise resource planning software (ERP) solutions, but also capabilities such as workflow, “Know Your Customer” (KYC) and verification solutions can assist the company to have a 360-degree solution to engage with their internal and external customers through established, well planned processes.


Herman Kriel, GM for Data Protection at CyberTech, says one key challenge our customer faced was the extreme pressure to complete the Supply Chain Management (SCM) processes before any installation and integration could be started. While cloud, security, and hosting are enabling the customer to run functionally, the absence of such a digital document signing solution hampers any SCM process to reinvent itself, mainly due to SCM’s historical reliance on large bundles of hard copy documents. This solution offers any SCM the ability to bundle related documents into a single portfolio that makes management of documents easy and the approval and signoff process simple.


With digital signatures now in place, the process will take a mere few minutes (faster than with an email) to load, send and sign, thereby vastly improving business efficiency with a simple process while meeting legal requirements, says Kriel. The result:

  • Efficient and automated workflow processes for Financial and HR admin processes.
  • Digitally signed electronic documents using electronic signatures
  • Proven non-repudiation
  • Sign from anywhere on your digital devices such as phone, tablet and PC
  • Immediate responsiveness and automatic inclusion
  • Tamper proof documents
  • Automatic reminder, escalation and expiry already built-in
  • Easy onboarding of new customers through a separate KYC module.

Key points
for effective

Secure access to, and the protection of information is critical to business success. Our goal as CyberTech is to ensure we provide an exceptional customer service experience to our customers and provide a service that is flexible and easy to use. The customers past solution was reliant on manual business processes which was granular and complex. The customer is now able to automate workflow processes with less reliance on a paper-based workflow. What’s more is that users can complete, view and sign forms and documents wherever they are, on any device, while compliance is adhered to and convenience is enjoyed, allowing the customer to operate responsibly.


With a new simple means to reduce administrative tasks and go paperless, businesses can focus on the core of their business and streamline processes using cutting-edge technology and tools.

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